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By Mamie Watt

The Smoker

By Tate Harper

I created this piece because I enjoy sketching people I don’t know or recognize, and I wanted to immortalize them through art. I also enjoy drawing pleasing symmetrical facial features, since it makes the art pleasing to look at.


By Luis Esquer

The colors of Tucson

By Jordan Atencio

I was inspired by the sunsets in Arizona.

i smile when i think of you

By Maggie Mirto

In this piece I wanted to illustrate the joy and wonderment that comes with love. A moment so blissful it feels like a dream, but so secure you know it will last. This is a piece for my AP portfolio, where I concentrate on fashion, a medium through which queer people are changing the world.

Timeless Tucson

By Taylor Nicole

I love the concepts of time. And just so happens that Tucson seems to almost never change. It’s desert view rarely changes. I admire the plants, animals, and the sunsets. Tucson is timeless. A poet once told me, Tucson is home to talent. Home to many. No matter where one travels, they always keep home in their pockets. The places we go have a thanks to our parents, and our home town. Tucson is Timeless. No matter which way you see it. Home is home. Where we grow and learn to love. Tucson is Timeless. The hot desert and summer heats, can easily shift to the snow coverings of Friday, February 22nd. Tucson is Timeless, and we should love every minute.  

Ricci, Flesh and Fur, and Fleece

By Caitlyn Swift

I was born and raised on a small family farm along the San Pedro river valley in the desert of southern Arizona. I spent my childhood barefoot, surrounded by nature and in the company of animals. My rural upbringing led me to see life in a different light, and I strive to transfer this way of thinking from my mind to the canvas. With my background and home in mind, and nature as my greatest inspiration, I use art to spark people’s interest and share the beautiful aspects of life I’ve grown up with.

‘smile’ and ‘gold shine’

By Eden Squires

Robot and Angel

By Mia Sultan

I created the robot destroying the city after reading an article on how people are going to have to merge physically with technology in hopes that it will not surpassing us. I drew the latter to see what it would be like and I still think it is the better option. The other [one is an angel]. I am not religious personally but I often have dreams about angels and I do believe in them in a way.

Rachel Levy, Hannah Brauer, Josh Rosenblum

By Maya Levy

Maya Levy was born and raised in Tucson to a family of curly-haired people. She watched as her sister and so many other women in her family struggled with their curls, most of them deciding to hide and straighten their hair, rather than wear it proudly. This year, Maya has embarked on an artistic journey to portray the beauty of natural curls and hopes that her work can make all people love their curls, and embrace their natural beauty.

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