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you’re my sunflower

By Lily Morales

Second Saturday

By Maggie Kropog

I was taking a walk downtown, crowded by people. When I was able to walk away and saw how bright and empty the building was.

Taste Buds Bakery

Founded by Kayla Lancaster

I grew up in Tucson and was always very creative and knew I wanted to start my own business without losing touch of that creative side.
My art is actually edible— I make custom cakes and cookies! Whether it be actually hand painting them with food coloring or  regular frosting work this has always been my passion!


Painted White Frosting-Based Cake (based on local artist Martha Thompson’s work)


Saguaro Cookies

Contact Information:
(520) 490-1835

Facebook: tastebudsbakery
Instagram: @tastebudsbakery

Kingham, San Fransisco Streets, and bleacher bros

By Ruby Velez

I don’t really draw inspiration from a particular place, it’s more about capturing the beauty in the moments around me, trying to get that angle and those colors that haven’t been documented before.


By Julian Barraza

just a sketch that i worked on a while back. i enjoy drawing simple, minimalist portraits over realistic ones because i can have more creative and stylistic liberties.

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