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Editors in Chief:
Sharmila Dey – Sharmila has lived in the desert all her life. She loves hiking, exploring local coffee shops, and has a particular passion for the Great British Baking Show. She has always been a writer and poetry enthusiast and has been published in Bridge Ink Magazine and has written for Arizona Public Square.

Genevieve Erickson – The Sonoran desert holds a special place in Genevieve Erickson’s heart, as it has been home to her family for generations. She has always been fascinated with the machinations of human interaction and often draws on her observations of people in her work. If you ever run into her, odds are she’s has a cafecito y concha in hand.

Henry Harms – Having lived in Tucson for the majority of his life, the Sonoran Desert has become part of what he calls home. He has a background in web design, publishing, video editing, and film production, but he’s probably looking at a spreadsheet right now. Henry is currently studying pre-business and history at the University of Arizona.

Art and Photography Editor:
Ruby Velez – Born and raised in Tucson, this town has defined Ruby’s growth as a creative. She’s a photographer of 4 years and you can usually find her zoned out to alt rock at a cafe or somewhere between the shelves at Bookmans.