By Natalie Leon



music does not distract my worries, 
creativity does not console my sadness, 
& community does not relieve my fear, 
tonight, I am human, 
& I feel vulnerable, 
I turn my sight to the sky, 
& to the ground, 
I give my knees. 


life will surge, 
& life will fade, 
& life will burn immense again, 
& die, 
ashes will rise into dust, 
phoenix will burn up, 
stars will cry, stars will die, twinkle twinkle, 
through cat black skies, 
where do butterflies go when panic infests, 
what do birds do when no crumbs fall, 
what sanctuary is yours, 
what miles have you crossed, 
for a gust of air, a catch of breath. 


oh traveling symphony, 
remnants of life will dance across the gates of time, spreading wildflowers on grave sites,
in futures distant we know not what holds, 
resonating among the trees, 
water flowing through their veins, 
life will live loving death, 
gratitude will resurrect, 
remember what it is like to live, 
turn to the sky, & wonder, 
what it may, 
what it might, 
be like to live by candle & moon, 
with one less spoon, cup or bowl, 
remember what it is like to see, 
your neighbor or your enemy,
as your own,
as a whole,
as a person,
just like you.

Melancholic cries was written during the breakout of the pandemic in 2020 & reflects hints of fear, hope, solitude, solidarity, and love of life/humanity.