By Evelyn Wyman

I Love You’s
Everywhere he looked;
They splattered the walls
and oozed under doors
They dripped from faucets
and bled from books
They swept her hair away from her face,
as his fingers were often want to do
She looked around, seeing only in black
and white
While he saw in uncontained color

When she shattered
He snatched up the broken pieces
Crunched her under his teeth
Slurped her down his throat
Licked the remnants of her from his lips

I wanted to write a poem about someone who is going to break someone. That’s what happens in the end. But before that you know that he’s the one obsessing over the three little words. Yeah, it confuses me too. Maybe the I Love You’s were some of the colors he was seeing, which were the emotions he was feeling. But there was also sadness and pain. So he tried to see the world like she did…stop feeling so much. But he did it too well, ended up not caring at all. I don’t really know, I’m just the person who wrote it.