By Evelyn Miller

Sound was here,
gently grasping onto
crisp ocean waves,
whispering in warm breezes

when I’d awoken from
a light slumber,
I was greeted
not with the chirping
of morning birds,
but with the sound of

Soft lips fluttering
over bright white teeth,
as words of
joy and pain
streamed out of people’s mouths,
then had no meaning
as my ears blocked out
any form of noise.
No longer
were my
useless ears
blessed with the
familiar ring of
laughter and family

My enforced silence
made me feel

I sailed
across the
7 seas of memory
in search of
my lost friend.
On a deserted beach
is where I found
Sound, sinking
slowly, drifting
further and further from
the shoreline,
sinking into
navy blue waters of loss.

And so,
as I dropped
into the warm sand,
faced the setting sun,
and closed my eyes,
a cloak of
dead silence
strangled me in a cold embrace
and ensured that
nothing would ever be the same.

I like to write to poetry, as it is a way to express creativity through words and images in different forms.