By Morgan Clark

i dont know what to write
i feel like every time i look inside i see nothing.
i used to see something
before i left

i looked inside and saw a mess
a beautiful jumble
abstract beauty
but now when i look back i see that wasnt me.

i was a mirror

a reflection of the world around me.
thats all i was.

and when i was dragged from that world the doors slammed shut behind me

.and i was forgotten.

and my mirror soul fractured.
the shards cut me. shredded me.
but of course how could i be remembered if all people saw of me was a reflection
i had no identity to be remembered by.

but now that ive left nothing remains.
my mirror is broken.
i would rather refract the world around me than just be nothing but its too late.
my mirror is broken.

i guess its time to see if anything else can grow in its place.
something new.
something that will be remembered.

for once i wont be invisible but i am terrified to be seen.

I have lived in Tucson my whole life and I absolutely love it here. I wrote this piece about feeling invisible and discovering who you are on the deepest level even if no one else sees it.