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Untitled Photoset

By Mila Kelly

My process isn’t very complex. I don’t spend hours editing in photoshop . When I want to take a photo, often times it’s something I find beautiful. That’s why I take a lot of portraits of my friends and occasionally nature.

Second Saturday

By Maggie Kropog

I was taking a walk downtown, crowded by people. When I was able to walk away and saw how bright and empty the building was.

Fire At The Gates

By Chloe Vance

This photograph was taken at the lake in my neighbor hood and stood out as odd to me for a long time. The frame of dark trees that balances between the water and the Sky is something that isn’t a part the Tucson environment. These trees are not native and require a lot of work and water we don’t have. The sunset contrasts with the silhouettes of trees and almost appears to be fire racing up to meet them. Tucson’s native environment closing in on my manufactured green neighborhood.



By Carmelita Levin

 I do all different types of art but am mainly focused on photography both digital and film and oil painting at the moment.
These first photos I’m submitting are digital photos and I’m just playing around with how you can use color to your advantage in photographs. I used body paint, clothing, and location make certain effects with color.

Kingham, San Fransisco Streets, and bleacher bros

By Ruby Velez

I don’t really draw inspiration from a particular place, it’s more about capturing the beauty in the moments around me, trying to get that angle and those colors that haven’t been documented before.

Bug Eyed and Bee on Texas Sage

By Audrey Epling

This picture is one of my favorites, and again was shot in my backyard. I spent probably around an hour chasing around butterflies with my phone camera. I was really proud of the quality and detail I was able to get with this shot as well as the composition of the photo.
 “Bee on Texas Sage”
Bees are one of my favorite subjects to shoot because of how they take their time to move across flowers and are not very bothered by having a camera really close to them. I really liked the amount of detail I got in this shot, specifically in the bee and in the background with the particles in the air.

‘Bloodmoon,’ ‘Don’t Fall,’ and ‘Changes’

By Sophie Chapman

My main school focus is Chemistry, but I love to photograph my friends. I can tell that a successful shoot boosts their confidence tremendously. A picture is worth a thousand words after all…

Cactus Moon

By Marco Villa Jr.

I was seeing the beautiful sunset at A mountain and I saw the moon under the big green. I had to take it.

‘sun baked’ and ‘brush’

By Jacob Anderson

I am a photographer, Artist, and Creator. I enjoy all forums of both music to words, each stands beautifully a peak of human expression. As a Photographer i strive to help others and myself find the perfect way to do that.

Check out Jacobs blog:


by Elsa Kaufman 

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