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Raised By Saguaro

By Sara Ben Abdallah

I made this video as a final for my 1st-semester Humanities class. The assignment was to show a place in Tucson that holds important memories and show your understanding of it beyond basic characteristics. I chose the Speedway/Country Club area and wrote a poem on what that spot represented to me in terms of Tucson youth culture. The video features shots of my middle school, various sidewalks, Himmel Park, and Himmel Park library.  One day, I hope to show this video to my kids so they understand what it means to grow up with cactus spines.

Taste Buds Bakery

Founded by Kayla Lancaster

I grew up in Tucson and was always very creative and knew I wanted to start my own business without losing touch of that creative side.
My art is actually edible— I make custom cakes and cookies! Whether it be actually hand painting them with food coloring or  regular frosting work this has always been my passion!


Painted White Frosting-Based Cake (based on local artist Martha Thompson’s work)


Saguaro Cookies

Contact Information:
(520) 490-1835

Facebook: tastebudsbakery
Instagram: @tastebudsbakery

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