By Jocelyn Bentlage

For some odd reason, I always find myself thinking about love. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt it. Have I? Or was it just infatuation? What is love, anyway? Am I too young to feel “true love?” Too young to understand it?

For sure, I have a family that loves me. Friends too. I love them back. However, there is a fantasy always lingering in the back of my mind: “I’ll fall in love with someone. Someone who I’d be able to grow, learn, experience…die with?”

For one to be in love, they’ll ride a wave of emotions incorporated with loving someone. One of those emotions is heartbreak. I’ve felt heartbreak. At least, I think I have. Or am I too young to feel “real heartbreak?” Too young to understand it?

Personally, many adults have invalidated my feelings, not just romantic ones, because they think I am too young or haven’t experienced enough to truly understand my own feelings. When I wrote this short piece, it was just a reflection towards those statements, and I came to the conclusion that my feelings are real–they are what I feel in the present, so no one really has the right to tell me they’re wrong.